Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor and Water Leak Detector

Discover the Revolutionary Flume: Your Ultimate Water Guardian!

Are you tired of lurking water leaks, uncontrolled water usage, and skyrocketing utility bills? Fear not! We present to you the ultimate water-saving superhero, Flume, your faithful companion on the quest for water conservation! Say goodbye to water wastage and hello to an eco-friendly future!

Why Flume is a Cut Above the Rest

Flume isn’t just another water monitoring tool; it’s a comprehensive water management marvel that goes above and beyond to help you tackle water-related challenges effortlessly. Here’s what sets Flume apart from the mundane:

1. Embrace Leak Detection Excellence

Ever wondered where those sneaky water leaks are hiding? Flume’s got your back! With its cutting-edge leak detection technology, Flume scans your water system like a vigilant detective, ensuring not a single drop goes unnoticed. Save water, save money, and save the day!

2. Track Indoor and Outdoor Water Consumption Like a Pro

Flume’s got a keen eye on both indoor and outdoor water usage. From kitchen faucets to garden hoses, Flume monitors it all with unmatched precision. Unravel the mysteries of your water consumption patterns and take control of your water usage like a true water warrior!

3. Leak Alerts: Because Swift Action Saves the Day

Picture this: Flume’s on guard, a leak dares to escape its attention, and BAM! You get an instant alert on your smartphone. The power to stop water wastage is in your hands, and all it takes is a swift response to save the day! Let Flume be your trusty sidekick in this epic battle against leaks!

4. Dive into Detailed Water Use Reports

Data nerds, rejoice! Flume provides you with in-depth water usage reports that let you dive into the nitty-gritty details of your water habits. Knowledge is power, and with Flume’s comprehensive reports, you’ll become a water-saving maestro, impressing friends and neighbors alike!

5. Set Budgets, Smash Targets

Got your eye on a water usage goal? Flume can help you get there! Set budgets and watch your water consumption closely. With Flume as your ally, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you achieve your water-saving objectives!

6. Community Comparisons: The Friendly Water Rivalry

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Flume lets you compare your water usage with others in your community, igniting a water-saving rivalry that benefits everyone! Let’s team up to protect our planet, one drop at a time!

7. User-Friendly App: Simplicity at Its Best

Fret not, technology rookies! Flume’s user-friendly app ensures a seamless experience for all. Easy to navigate and loaded with features, Flume’s app is designed to make water conservation a breeze!

flume smart home water monitor AMAZON

Catch Water Leaks Before They Drain Your Wallet

Leaks happen—usually without letting you know first. Be proactive and protect your home from expensive surprises. Track indoor and outdoor water use 24/7. Get instant leak alerts. And with “vacation mode” automatically notify a friend or neighbor.

flume smartphone

Simple Self-Installation. No Plumbing Necessary.

Flume is compatible with 95% of homes and installs in minutes. No pipe cutting. No wiring. No appointments. You’ve got it covered, but we’re here if you need us.

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